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Educational Software for those with learning challenges

MoveAhead Software

Who we are

Our company is MoveAhead Ltd trading as MoveAhead Software. We develop software designed specifically for those with learning challenges. All our products are created to be easy to use, and focus on teaching language and life skills as part of this. They promote verbal as well as written language, and enable language acquisition even for those who are non-verbal. Using our software, computers become invaluable tools in training students who struggle to learn. Students can work independently or with an adult alongside for support. Simplicity of design keeps the student from being overwhelmed by too much information whilst positive reinforcements encourage them to 'get it right' rather than rewarding them for 'getting it wrong'.


Both Storymaker and Flashcards are now available in Cantonese. We also have Mandarin and Te Reo versions - contact us about these Click here to find out more.

What others are saying

"I was very fortunate to be introduced to StoryMaker software in 2016 when I was a specialist teacher at my school. I was teaching a Year 3 boy who had not moved from reading level 3 (red) since he was 5 years of age. For writing he would draw dinosaurs. After 6 months of using the StoryMaker software this student was reading at Level 12 and creating stories about dinosaurs, Batman and his naughty sheep on his farm called Boris. The ability to create personalised stories that were meaningful for this pupil made him engaged and motivated to learn.
Since 2016, I have used this software with a variety of pupils with incredible success from Year 1 to Year 5. I just love watching children being supported by an adult to be able to read and write with success. The StoryMaker software uses predictive text which helps the child to encode and decode - skills that are needed for both writing and reading.
The ability to create personalised stories by using pictures and video clips to stimulate ideas is very motivating for students. The functions of clicking on words and recreating the story like a high tech cut up story is fantastic for re-learning and retention. When the StoryMaker software reads back the story it is slow, clear, and in a kiwi accent. When there is new vocabulary that the software doesn’t know such as a child’s name it then gives the child an opportunity to record their voice in the actual story. Students love this.
I would highly recommend this software for any learners that are needing support with literacy."

Sarah Vink
RTLB (Specialist Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour)

"You don't need any computer skills to use Flashcards - within 2 minutes you can make a really meaningful vocabulary exercise. It's so great that N**** can work at his own pace and the programme doesn't time out. Students are actively involved in creating - not sitting waiting for someone to set it all up. There's nothing more reinforcing than a book with meaningful photos to make you want to engage with print. Whether I make stories for the storymaker library or whether I make them with the students, they are a favourite resource that the student can return to independently. T**** only got interested in books and began to develop meaningful literacy skills when he could see and hear books about himself. The other children in the class love doing this with him too. One of the best things is the supportive way this software is written - you don't need to be a computer expert to create really amazing literacy resources that are hugely motivating for students. This is the best literacy based supporting software I've used - and I've been teaching for over 20 years!"

Anne-Marie McIlroy
Itinerate Special Education Teacher
Sara Cohen

"I have found Flashcards and Storymaker valuable tools in working with young children (3-4 year olds) with communication challenges who learn well through visuals and repetition. The [flashcards] programme allows me to personalise targeted words with pictures from his/her environment. The Storymaker programme allows me to capture snapshots of activities that require the child to work through a sequence, such as toileting, snack time at a centre, or building a sandcastle. The child is then able to ‘see themselves’ in the activity. Watching themselves involved in the activity potentially can reduce anxiety around a task / activity. Affordability is an added benefit when suggesting using the software to families."

Christine Barrow
Early Intervention Teacher

"Your products, professionalism, and customer service are as good as it gets. I use and recommend Flashcards, Kevin Goes to the Zoo and Storymaker regularly. They are software products that allow students with special needs to work on the computer in ways that are purposeful, meaningful and educational. They are straightforward, graphically simple, appealing, repetitive, and customizable. They are also motivating and students LOVE the success that they feel when they use your programs. When I have a question about my product or purchase, you have always responded quickly, kindly, and professionally. I truly value the work that you do and the service that you provide. Thank-you!!"

Lisa Gudath
IT Administrator
Shore Educational Collaborative

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